No More Facebook

1. Facebook put me on a 24 hour time out – for the first time ever. This is very weird, because I actually follow the rules, yet I have pissed off a lot of leftists in my day, but have always done so within the rules. Also I was one of the first 50,000 users on Facebook when, back in 2004, I was a beta tester when it was only available to students at a handful of schools, and not yet a public network, so on the technical side I was obviously in a different group of people which you could call “grandfathered-in,” etc.

2. So, I was alarmed when I saw this yesterday when I simply clicked “like” on a post.

3. Why? I found that was obviously due to leftists scouring the internet and reporting every comment I made in the past. Facebook’s justification is this meme of Kamala eating a baguette, along with some comment I supposedly made 10 months ago – October 7, 2019, which they won’t show me… but apparently just found. Yea, right.
So I clicked the “disagree” button, to which I received this fruitless response, which is, in essence, “we don’t care that you disagree.”

4. Therefore, Facebook has either caved to the left, or someone internally at Facebook has gone rogue. Either way, it’s clear that Facebook is okay with censoring me to appease the mob, therefore I am now and forever done with Facebook.

5. My account is not just a personal account. My Facebook account houses data from several Facebook app integrations I built, for many businesses, encompassing a collection of a lot of data from over 120,000 people, from which Facebook has profited. I understand Facebook gets to keep most of that previously acquired data, but I’m cutting that off from all of my clients’ sites now, and in perpetuity.

6. Facebook wouldn’t let me delete my account because I was the sole developer of apps for a couple businesses. So I tried to delete those apps.

7. Facebook said I couldn’t delete my account because I can’t delete the apps because access is restricted to certain IP addresses.

8. So I reset all that bullshit and 20 mins later deleted all apps from my developer console and proceeded to delete my account – forever.

9. Now Facebook finally accepted my request to delete my account and all associated data, but Facebook is making me wait 30 days to delete my account (pending deletion, and unacceptable, but okay according to their terms of service, which I will never agree to again).

10. Bye Bye, douche bags. I am not one to look the other way as leftists censor people in this manner and without recourse. I will never give Facebook a byte of data ever again, even if it costs me jobs.