Open Letter to Gov Walz

Governor Walz,
My mom was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer which should have been diagnosed 6 months ago, but thanks to you, it couldn’t be.

You scared her for the first month and then you dictated hospitals could not see people like her for months.

She tried to be seen for 3 months after you shut down normal procedures at hospitals (colonoscopies deemed elective procedures).

Then she had to wait 10 days for covid test results before they would even schedule the procedure, and they were backed up 2 weeks for procedures. That’s another 3 weeks.

She finally got one 4 days ago, after almost 5 months of your dictatorship being solely responsible for her not being seen.

That entire time, hospitals were mostly empty and nurses in my family who worked at those hospitals were laid off.

The cancer is bad. The docs say a couple of months would have made a huge difference.

Every day makes a difference.
1. Friday, after imaging, docs said emergency surgery Monday (yesterday).
2. Yesterday they pushed the surgery to this Friday, saying they are backed up (because they are getting a huge backlog of patients in who need emergency surgery).
3) Today the Docs said they looked at the imaging again and decided they can’t operate until she goes through a round of chemo to try to shrink the tumor.

Your COVID tunnel vision is obviously killing many more people than COVID, and hundreds of doctors have TOLD you this.

To clarify for your black shirts, I’m not even sure if you are are a tyrant or just stupid. And I won’t come for you, I’m not threatening you.
I won’t destroy my life just because you’ve destroyed thousands including my mother’s.
But I would not stop anyone else.

IF you had the balls to walk around Lake st at dusk without armed security (which you don’t), I wouldn’t even flinch when the zombie mob gobbled you up. You would deserve it. Burn in hell.