Proof of Widespread COVID-19 in 2019

A very thorough and interesting study was published on Monday (Nov 30, 2020), which provides definitive proof that COVID-19 was widespread throughout the US at least as early as December 2019 (source link at bottom).

This is clear and convincing evidence that millions (1-3M) of people in the US already had COVID-19 weeks before the first case was reported in the US, based on the numbers seen in this peer reviewed study. This study and its revelations should cause us to question the validity of much of what we’ve been told about COVID-19 over the past year.

My summary and conclusion:

CDC tested a small sample of 7389 archived Red Cross blood donors’ blood from Dec 13, 2019 – Jan 17, 2020.

109 of those 7389 blood donors across 9 states already had antibodies to COVID-19.

Of those 109, 90 samples were still of quality eligible for more thorough testing.

84 of the 90 eligible for further testing (93%) didn’t just have a few antibodies, they had “neutralizing antibodies” (sufficient in strength and number to neutralize the virus).

That means they had already had COVID and recovered at least 10 days prior, and were immune.

In other words, weeks before the first reported case in the US (Jan 20), 1.5% of people in this sample (of those who donated blood) had recovered from and already had immunity to COVID-19.

Note this isn’t an equal representation of all demographic groups in the population, because only about a third of people are eligible to donate blood, and they are generally young and healthy. However it only makes sense that the elderly (ineligible to donate) also were widely infected during the holidays last year.

Here is the link to the full peer reviewed study published in the Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases:

I urge any skeptics to look at the list of MD’s contributing to this study – consisting of the most of the leading infectious disease specialists in the country, most from the CDC: